Selected research resources on various areas within the spectrum of the APPG on Indian Traditional Sciences can be found below.

(1) Maharishi International University

The first seven volumes of Collected Papers (particularly volumes 1–4) contain also 225 papers not previously published, for archival purposes. These papers may be obtained at this website. The other papers are copyrighted by the journals which published them, and are found in those journals. 

The papers in each volume are organized according to the following categories:

  • Part 1—Physiology: A—Metabolic, Biochemical, and Cardiovascular Changes; B—Electrophysiological and Electroencephalographic Changes; C—Health;
  • Part 2—Psychology: A—Intelligence, Learning, and Academic Performance; B—Development of Personality;
  • Part 3—Sociology: A—Rehabilitation; B—Productivity and Quality of Life;
  • Part 4—Theoretical and Review Papers.