APPG Indian Traditional Sciences Meeting on ‘Should Complementary Therapy Services be removed from NICE the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence that Guidelines for Supportive and Palliative Care?’ We all know that the NHS doesn’t have the time or resources to supply all vital services and many people rely on Complementary Medicines. Indeed, if Complementary Medicine was more widely accepted and embraced in Britain and across the world today, so many more people could be enjoying the powerful benefits to be gained in health and wellbeing. This is achieved through addressing the whole person and not just the individual bits of the body.  Also, rather than orthodox medicine’s focus on just trying to control symptoms, we are looking to find underlying causes (which can often be emotional, dietary and energetic) and thus try to find a cure and/or a better, healthier lifestyle, which can help to heal the current conditions, and perhaps, even more importantly, be preventative of illness and disease in the first place.