Amarjeet S Bhamra invited to the British Association for Vedic Astrology Conference 2019 and spoke of the partnership between Jyotish-Yoga-Ayurveda. BAVA aims to preserve and promote the pure science of Jyotish. For the past 20+ years there has been a great revival of traditional Jyotish thanks to translation of many ancient Indian texts, as well as teaching from skilled practitioners, who have kept the tradition alive.  This has coincided with the development of the internet, so Jyotish has spread rapidly over the world. The accumulated knowledge of many generations of Jyotish experts have given us a remarkable system for guiding public and personal life. Astrology has always been popular with society’s leaders. Not only are many British monarchs on record as having their coronations and other key dates elected by the leading astrologers of the time, but many of the most prominent world leaders of recent decades have done so. This avoids the embarrassment resulting from launching projects on days that indicate failure.