Amarjeet S Bhamra talk at Maharishi Foundation, and a tour of the recently opened Peace Palace, constructed according to the principles of Vastu. Vastu is related to all Indian Traditional Sciences and like them it is also based on the interplay of five great elements – the basic building blocks of life considered by the earlier civilizations. A recent global study of 143 participants living and or working in Vastu buildings showed that 85% participants reported experiencing less stress in their lives and 80% an improvement in mental health. 88% noticed improvements in their children – that they were happier, healthier and better at school and 89% reported an overall improvement in their quality of life.  The survey was conducted by Professor Sanford Nidich, Maharishi University of Management, in August 2017.

(L2R) Robin Graham, Gordon Brennan, Sue Johnson, Ranjula Madani MBE, Amarjeet S Bhamra, Varsha Mistry, Richard Johnson.