APPG Indian Traditional Sciences 2018 Colloquium on Ayurveda Day at the EU Parliament. The host Geoffrey van Orden MEP reaffirmed a deeper and fuller engagement with the Commission to help frame debates, workshops and discussions to shape future policy and strengthen these possibilities in agenda for future EU-Indian summits. Alojz Peterle MEP spoke on the benefits the health systems, particularly those based on India’s traditional sciences have to offer the West. Jo Linen MEP was keen – to garner the support of  India to engage and learn more about how the Indian Traditional Sciences and India’s rich systems of health and wellness are offering advantages in India and in India-EU engagements particularly in the pressing urgencies of chronic and life style diseases and cancer in particular where Western systems have yet to deliver the promised substantial advances.

(L2R) Alojz Peterle MEP, Ambassador of India to EU Hon. Gaitri Kumar, Geoffrey van Orden MEP, Amarjeet S Bhamra, Jo Linen MEP, Dr Geetha Pillai.