APPG Indian Traditional Sciences 2018 Colloquium on Ayurveda Day at the Palace of Westminster. Selena van Orden, 5th year student at College of Ayurveda UK appealed eloquently for the NHS to urgently incorporate the Ayurvedic approach to prevent disease. Ayurveda understands six stages of disease, she said, the first three of which are present before any symptoms have manifested and are thus unknown to modern medicine. Treating these early stages of disease can prevent the disease from ever manifesting and could thus save the NHS billions. It was time for patients to take charge of their own health, she said. Dr Rajvinder Kaur an Ayurveda doctor from Ireland since 2007 said that when she arrived there, people had no idea even what turmeric or ginger was! Prevention strategy should be thought through for personalised approach and integration in schools and the health system. Through education and giving people back control of their health then our children will live longer and happier.

Amarjeet S Bhamra addressing the Ayurveda Day meeting.