APPG Indian Traditional Sciences 2018 Colloquium on UN Int’l Yoga Day at the Palace of Westminster. Bob Blackman MP, of the APPG – Indian Traditional Sciences, who saw the role of the APPG as inspiring the NHS to not just treat ill people but to encourage them to live more healthily and thereby live longer, better lives. He was delighted to say that yoga is to some extent now recognised by the NHS. He recently told the Speaker of the House of Commons that he could usefully sanction over-excited or angry MPs and tell them to practise yoga. Speaking of Ayurveda, another health approach promoted by the APPG, he said: ‘My scientific background tells me that if something has been used for thousands of years it must have something going for it, even if it is not a product of modern pharmaceutical companies.

(L2R) Philip Ross-Neil, Srinivas Gotru, Prof Tony Nader, Bob Blackman MP, Amarjeet Bhamra, Dr Godagama, Sri M, Lady Mohini, Richard Johnson.